Welcome to The Midland Puffin Billies

Brisbane 5 World in Union Wellington 2006

Annual Presentations

1994     Donny Mahuru

1995     Russell Sunderland

1996     Mike Trainer

1997     Gary Young

1998     Tom Bunt

1999     Joe Murphy

2000     Kevin Jones

2001     Joe Murphy

2002     Eric Edwards

2003     Steve Devir

2004     Warwick Randall

2005     Robbie Tauria

2006     Clive Burson

2007     Brian Johns


Arse of the Year

Presented to the Club Member chosen by the Club President to a person seen as upsetting or annoying the Pres in any form or method seen as worthy. (This award is intended to be given in light hearted  humour  & should be given & accepted as such). Past recipients have usually been well respected & valued members that have been chosen for exaggerated or minor infractions.